03/25/2021 3:58 PM +UTC
Ethereum - Mainnet
These Atom NFTs are unique in that 1) I mined them at POWNFT.com; and 2) the creator made the smart contract so that the mining fees get shared with all holders of the previous Atoms. I've never seen a project like this before where you earn ETH by holding it. I can go to the My Collections tab on their site anytime and see how much ETH I have credited to me, then withdraw to my wallet whenever ETH gas fees are low. I've earned about twice as much so far as I spent mining in the first place. It's a real benefit to get paid in ETH, which I want to keep, rather than some proprietary token I need to spend ETH to sell to get more ETH. Great project, even if you aren't into Chemistry and just want the NFTs for the recurring revenue.

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