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The Women of Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal is the premier storyteller of cutting-edge science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Heavy Metal has continuously published its magazine since its first issue in 1977. Launched at a time when traditional comic book publishers were bound to strict censorship by the Comics Code Authority, established in 1954. Like MAD Magazine before them, Heavy Metal began as a magazine to circumvent such censorship. Today, with 40 years and the 300th issue of the magazine hitting shelves this summer, Heavy Metal continues its tradition in bringing cutting-edge and best-in-class storytelling to audiences worldwide.

“The Women of Heavy Metal” Collection puts our female-driven history & characters at the forefront. From Julie Simmons Lynch and her laser focus to shepherd Taarna in the 80’s to creators such as Ron Marz, Steve Orlando, Bart & Michelle Sears, Blake Northcott & Heavy Metal’s CEO Matthew Medney will dial up their female driven characters to present this collection of Women in Heavy Metal.

These officially licensed NFTs are inspired by iconic pages from Heavy Metal. Start collecting and along the way, you'll find rewards, bonus items and surprises.

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