The Women of Heavy Metal Legendary #1 Editions Auction

Status: Closed

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The Women of Heavy Metal Legendary #1 Editions Auction


Auction Start: Wednesday, July 14th at 1 PM PT

Auction End: Wednesday, July 14th at 4 PM PT (as may be extended)

What's included in the auction? This auction contains the first editions of all 4 Legendary NFTs from The Women of Heavy Metal Collection, including 2 bonus bonus NFTs awarded for completing challenges.



Rarity Level


We Want You!


1 of 50

The Running Men


1 of 26

Cosmic Gardner


1 of 50

Of Monsters, Of Blood, A Maiden of Death


1 of 11



  • This will be an English style, proof-of-funds auction with the highest bidder winning the collection.
  • All bids will be denominated in USD.
  • A bid in the final 1 hour of the auction will extend the auction deadline by 5 minutes.
  • You can place a bid with your credit card, Curio account balance, or ETH in your wallet that you have connected to the platform.
  • When bidding with cryptocurrency, you will be allowed to bid up to the USD equivalent of the amount of funds you have in your wallet.
  • When bidding with a credit card, a hold of 10% of your bid amount will be placed on your credit card. You will only be charged if you place the winning bid.
  • Placing a new bid will automatically cancel any previous bid you have placed.
  • The winner of the auction will be contacted by Curio to complete the NFT transfer process.




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